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We love Nido's. Food is so delicious we don't order from anyone else

Ann, 22 Oct 2020

we've ordered from here twice, and both times the delivery was over an hour late. the first time was a Saturday night, which I can understand, but on a Tuesday evening? really? its not acceptable. If its going to be late at lease call and apologise. or take the delivery fee off? or include a freebie? but no. just an apology and a lie from the other end of the phone saying its going to be delivered to our address first. The reason I know its a lie? because when we called up the second time (the first was when it was a half an hour late) she said the delivery time is due to the queue and not distance to the place itself, confirming that we were infact not the first people to be delivered to. not okay.

Alexandra, 20 Oct 2020

Food was not up to normal standard. Bbq Parma had no bbq sauce. 1/2 cheese burger was hard and crispy. Also 25 minutes late

Les Kerridge, 20 Oct 2020

How fucking dare you !!! Accusing my family on the phone of stealing takeaways you have no right !!! You better sack the delivery driver before I pull his fucking head off phoning my wife and calling her a thief on The phone !!! I’m away at the minute but mark my words when I’m home I’ll be over to see manager and the fucking cheeky fucking driver A bunch of scumbags .... when I post this on social media with the power that has I hope it closes the shop !!!!!!

David , 17 Oct 2020

Nice food

Nathan, 14 Oct 2020


Paula, 13 Oct 2020

Ordered food at 18:45 still waiting at 21:00 rang 3 times and was told order was on way ??

Becky, 10 Oct 2020

The food is always great from nido’s but last night we ordered at 7pm and it didn’t come till nearly 10pm, it totally spoilt our night, we were really disappointed

Louise, 10 Oct 2020

Ordered food 1hour 50 mins ago, its still not arrived, got told over the phone it was sent 40 minutes ago, so I have no expectation of it being warm or fresh...... Dissapointed!!

Danny, 09 Oct 2020

Took 2 hours to come and food was barely warm

Will, 09 Oct 2020


Lee, 08 Oct 2020


Nikole, 30 Sep 2020

Don’t listen to requests from customers.

Ethan, 26 Sep 2020

Love visiting my best friend and having nidos! Best around x

Laura, 26 Sep 2020

Unreal food

Laila, 23 Sep 2020

Much better than our last order. Very nice.

Lewis, 17 Sep 2020


Ruby, 17 Sep 2020

Order arrived over an hour late. Additional ordered pizza toppings had not been added. Chili sauce container was split and had leaked all over everything else. Looked like the bare minimum had been done to get the order out. Disappointing as previous orders have been good

Amanda, 11 Sep 2020

When you order a salad with No onion, pickle, or lemon, Why do you get a salad full of all three items But very little of the salad items you requested off the salad list. Not only that. If I wasn't watching what was going on behind the counter i would still be waiting for my order, so much so I had to point out that my order was ready (for 15 mins) and tell them where it was. Not a very good transaction.:-(

George, 11 Sep 2020


Michael, 17 May 2020


Good quality and delivery was on time.. Will be ordering again thank you...

Sean, 09 Apr 2020



Always order from nidos. Always get everything right and the food is gorgeous.

Laura Paskinbell,

We Always order from nidos now. Kebabs are beautiful. They always try deliver as quick as they can. all the staff are friendly and helpful. Some good and different menu choices from other places


Great value, delicious food don't go anywhere else


Five stars highly recommend nidos

Stephen Parry,